Jeeter Juice Berry Pie Preroll. The good ol’ fashion never runs out fashion. No Shake, no trim, no B.S. The classics we need from time to time, or ALL the time!! Indoor flower non-infused pre-rolls from the best growers in Cali that’ll tell you first hand, quality and simplicity never smoked this good.

We changed by the seasons but never change our seasoning. The perfect joint for the connoisseur.

Berry Pie Strain Effects and Uses

Being a pure Sativa, this Berry Pie cannabis makes the users feel the following effects:

  • Upliftment
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • Talkativeness
  • Relaxation (on rare occasions)

The relaxing effects caused by Berry Pie weed, whether you smoke its buds or consume its oil, are not so powerful to sedate you. Instead, this weed will give you a head high that is energizing. It will allow you to remain focused so you can go about your day with a feeling of euphoria. This is what makes it a good choice during the daytime when you just want to have a good, relaxing day ahead. Due to its uplifting effects, this marijuana can be helpful in relieving symptoms of conditions such as depression, stress, and anxiety.

Taste and Aroma

With Limonene as the main terpene, Berry Pie strain has an overall sweet flavor profile. It smells very similar to blueberries and will remind you of a blueberry waffle. The taste is similar to the aroma. You will also taste some creamy and tarty notes when you smoke these buds.


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