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Fire OG is one of the strongest OG strains and is a fan favorite among consumers who have a high THC tolerance. Fire OG gets its name from the frosty red hairs that make the strain appear to look like it is on fire. Fire OG plants typically flower in 9-10 weeks.

Main Effects of Fire OG

The primary effect of smoking these buds is that of relaxation. It is very relaxing marijuana that is perfect for those looking for a good night’s rest. This feeling is accompanied by a sense of euphoria and a buzzing sensation all over the body. Some users also report that this cannabis strain makes them feel creative. However, for most of those who consume it, it leads to physical relaxation that can sometimes end in a state of couch-lock. For these reasons, it is not suitable for consumption by beginners and should ideally be smoked during the late evening or at night.

Some side effects of smoking this weed include dryness of the mouth, headaches, dizziness, and paranoia. If consumed carefully, though, it can help medical patients treat issues such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Taste and Aroma

The following terpenes can be found primarily in this cannabis strain:

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Carene

These give the strain an overall fruity flavor that has earthy and pungent notes in it. The aroma and taste are very similar. Most significant are sweet notes of plum and tea that are contrasted by some undertones of diesel. There are some sour notes of citrus in the flavor as well.

Growing Information

Growing Fire OG plant is not a very easy task as it takes some care. It prefers to grow indoors but can also be planted outdoors. In both cases, it can give you a yield of around 400 g/m2, which is quite good. It can grow up to 80 inches in height, so giving it enough space to thrive is very important. The plant has a flowering time of 67-70 days, after which you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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